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3 essential tips you need to know on relocating for dummies

Relocation is something that happens to most of us at a certain point and those of us who have already had such an experience are fully aware of how difficult and overwhelmingly stressful it can be. I know this as I have moved house across the country at least twice! This is my third relocation from the States to Indonesia.  Knowing the basics of moving can help you reduce stress significantly and speed the entire process up. With this in mind, the following list of essential things that you should consider before relocating into a new home across the country will guide you through the stressful moving process. Essentially, this is a beginner tips for dummies really.

Notify the right channels about the change in your location

Your co-workers, friends and family are probably well aware of your upcoming change in location, but there is a lot that could go wrong if you fail to notify all the proper channels before the actual move. For instance, if you fail to timely notify your post office about the location change, your mail may end up getting lost and the consequences here can range from inconvenience to legal issues. Notify your post office, as well as the appropriate government and business bodies regarding your change of residence before the actual move.

Additionally, check with the previous owners about their end of the bargain in question – you don’t want to have someone else’s mail forwarded to you and you definitely want to avoid paying for someone else’s bills.

baby crying due to relocation of house

Handle the utilities

Electricity and the Internet are not something everyone can live without in this day and age and even a temporary setback here can lead to huge problems. Start by checking with your old providers, especially if you’re moving across the country. For example, the USA is a vast country and you might need to change your providers altogether. If you don’t handle this in time, you’re risking being disconnected for as much as an entire week. If you can’t live without electricity and the Internet this long, do your research and choose a new provider before moving.

Clean and declutter

Having to live in a dirty, cluttered home after moving in is not only annoying, but also unhealthy and difficult to handle with your entire family around. Don’t think for a second that you won’t have to deal with cleaning even though realtors are very good at what they do – they know how to make the messiest home in the world look clean and well-arranged. You’ll need to check your new home for mold, pest infestations, hidden health hazards and a lot of clutter.

In order to make sure that everything is completely clean and clutter-free, you can always contact the pros for help. Even if you’re moving from Perth to Sydney, for example, you can look for companies that specialise in professional rubbish removal in Sydney before you actually move and make all the arrangements quickly and easily. Experts will remove the clutter and rubbish appropriately, leaving your home spotlessly clean.

electricity at home too expensive

Be careful with the plumbing

It goes without saying that doing thorough checks regarding your future home’s plumbing is vital during an open house event. In case you’re absolutely fine with fixing up a couple of plumbing issues here and there, it’s of the utmost importance that you do this before you actually move in. Should any major leaks happen once you’ve already moved in, not only will you end up having to invest a ton of money in the repairs, but you’ll likely experience furniture, wall, floor and ceiling damage. Therefore, you should hire a professional and deal with the potential problem before it has a chance to arise in the first place.

From notifying all the proper channels and handling electricity, the Internet and plumbing to decluttering and jotting down all the relevant emergency numbers, every single item on this list is vastly important for a smooth transition to your brand new home.

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Will Sandford is a Sydney based wood architect, blogger and contributor on interior design and ecology blogs. Besides that, he is also interested in home improvement combined with green technology. In his spare time, Will enjoys surfing and rock climbing. Connect with him on Twitter.

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5 practical options to find out how much your antiques are worth

If you think you have an antique in your home then you’re going to need to know what they are worth. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of selling or not, a genuine antique needs to be valued to ensure that you have the right level of insurance. Sometime you may also hear the word vintage. So what is antique and what is the main difference between vintage and antique?

5 ways antiquevaluation

Antique definition

According to MentalFloss, Antique is defined as items that are over 100 years old. Anything that is less than 100 years, it may be called vintage , but not antique. In the same article, antique can be further described as

“works of art (except rugs and carpets made after the year 1700), collections in illustration of the progress of the arts, works in bronze, marble, terra cotta, parian, pottery or porcelain, artistic antiquities and objects of ornamental character or educational value which shall have been produced prior to the year 1830.”

The rule of thumb of 100 years or older is there to support the claim that antique products are not taxed. Therefore, the 100-year standard was adopted to keep people from claiming things as antiques that actually weren’t.

antique cooking utensil

Do you need a professional appraisal for your antique?

The short answer is: Yes! It helps to obtain professional advice for your antique if you are serious about your antique. Having said that, it is important that you do your own study before you pass it on to the real appraisal company. It will save you headache, time and money in the long run.

But first, you need to make sure your antique item is in the best possible condition. Businesses like Glen Sheldon offer a French polishing service that will make your furniture look like when it was first made. You can then speak to a professional appraiser and either visit them or have them visit you. It is important to choose a professional that has a good reputation.

antique store for sale near me

Now back to the self study, below are some pointers and options to do a self assessment of your antiques value:

1- Try Google for Answer

The concern when using a professional appraiser is that they will simply give you what you think it is worth. They can then sell it on for much more. At the end of the day they are in business to make money. Instead you should use Google to see if you can find an evaluation. You will need to know what type of antique you have. In fact the more details you have the easier it will be for you to find something similar online and locate a value for your item. For instance, if you google the term “Circa 1905 Armand Marseille 390 dolls“, you will see many results, one of which is from homelilys.com and ebay.com for instance.

Antique Regency Rosewood Chaise Longue 1825

2- Free online antique appraisal tool

An alternative is to use one of the online valuation services. You will need to upload a picture of your item and as many details you have regarding it. Once again, google is your best friend. And just for the sake of simplicity, here is one of the free valuation tool I found: Gorringe’s or Theodore Bruce (Australian’s site).

The service then provides a report within 48 hours that gives you the history of your item and the current valuation.

antique vase for sale

3- Facebook Antique Group

I personally use this a lot for my vintage products. I usually obtain a quick and professional feedback from those who own similar items. Sometime though, it can be quite challenging to obtain an unbiased comment from another owner of the antiques. Simply because, not all of them are professional by career. But their invaluable comment is a good information for me to pursue further research on the items.

One of such active antique facebook group I recommend is: Talking Antique or if you speak Russian, try this: antikvarbuk .


4- The Auction House

If you are considering selling your antiques then it is worth taking them to a local auction house. You will be able to see the prices similar items have sold for in the past and speak to their professionals in order to get the right figure for your antique.

You will then be able to set a reserve and watch what happens at the auction. By the way, this LinkedIn article has a good introduction to the top Auction Houses in the world.

antique wooden sign board

5- The Library

It may seem like an old fashioned idea but the library can provide a huge amount of information regarding the authenticity of your antique and the condition it should be in. In this case, the first step is to at least know the name of your antique. With the name, you can then research it more quickly. Nowadays, with Google Image, you can easily find out the name of a product very easily. Simply upload the image into Google Image and click search.

how to search by google image


If your research leaves you conflicted on the real value of the item then you may need to see an appraisal specialist. Of course this is likely to cost in the region of $300; you’ll need to consider whether this amount is worth spending or not.

Conclusion Thought on Antique Values Appraisals

If you think you have either a vintage product or antique items in your house, do not wait! Go online, or Facebook group and ask for its worth. Although you might not want to sell them yet, you should still keep an idea of their worth. That way, you are sure to take proper care of these valuable antiques. And last piece of advice, if you do decide to go for professional appraiser, make sure your antique furniture or items are in good conditions i.e. remember to clean and polish them!

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